Aggressive Defense for Felony, Misdemeanor, & DUI Cases

At the Law Office of Ronald Lange, we understand the stress and trauma you are going through when facing any type of criminal charge. Leave absolutely nothing to chance and see why so many recommend our firm for felony, misdemeanor, and DUI defense.

History of Excellence
Ronald Lange started representing clients facing criminal cases in 1975 as a Marine Corp Jag Officer. He then moved to his private practice in 1983. Today, his office in Grass Valley, California, deals with everything from DMV hearings to drug offenses, domestic violence, as well as juvenile law.

Word of Caution
After you've been arrested for any criminal matter including DUI, it's critical to contact an attorney immediately. Ensuring this protection early will help you to avoid succumbing to the various traps you'll often find in the legal system.

Contact us today and expect nothing less than the highest level of dedication to help you clear your good name.